Average Salary with a Sports Psychologist Degree

As a sports psychologist , you’ll work with players, coaches, and entire teams to held them perform better on the field, deal with injuries and failures, and more. But is this a lucrative career field? Let’s take a look at what you can expect to earn as a sports psychologist – and how you can make more money.

Base Salary for Sports Psychologists

Sports psychologist salaries fall on a wide scale, depending on your level of experience, your employer, your location, and a number of other factors. Clinical psychologists and counselors typically make between $41,850 and $71,880, and university faculty/staff members make around $55,000 on average. Top sports psychologists, however, can easily earn six-figure salaries working for professional sports teams or working as consultants for professional sports stars who are household names.

Earning More Money as a Sports Psychologist

Are you interested in increasing your salary in the field of sports psychology? Although factors such as experience and location do play a role (which might be aspects that you don’t have a lot of control over), you also do have control over some of the ways in which you can increase your earnings. One of the most certain ways to earn more money in this field is to get a master’s degree or even a doctorate. Although you can get started as an assistant with just a bachelor’s degree, most positions require certification and at least a master’s degree in sports psychology. You can also earn more money by making your services available outside of normal working hours. In addition to working with teams, sports psychologists can work one-on-one with players on a consulting basis, paid by the hour to help athletes work through specific problems. If you get an advanced degree, you can also become a teacher in the field, and educators often have a higher earning potential.

Sports Psychologist Perks

Along with salary, remember to consider the perks of any job you’re offered. As a sports psychologist, you might receive a robust benefits package, which includes things such as health and dental coverage, paid vacation days, and more. Sports psychologists might also have the chance to travel with the team, work with sports celebrities, and even attend sports events for free. Even job comes attached to different perks.

Top Online Sport and General Psychology Degrees

University of the Rockies MA in Sports Psychology Psy.D. in Sports Psychology University of the Rockies › If you are looking for a program which can teach you the skills necessary to help athletes enhance their performance, then an MA in Sports and Performance Psychology may be a great program for you. This program offered at the University of the Rockies helps you develop strategies to become an effective coach in sports and a great leader in general performance settings. With this degree, you will be able to work as a trainer, physical therapist, coach, or athletic trainer. For those looking for a more advanced offering, University of the Rockies also confers a Doctor of Psychology degree in sports & performance psychology .
Northcentral University MA in Psychology MA in Health Psychology Northcentral University › The Northcentral University MA in psychology and MA in health psychology degrees offer students an accredited, online educational option. The curricula offer advanced topics in key psychological health principles and practicesÑand their application within a multitude of healthcare settings. Graduates are found in small clinics, government hospitals, and regional hospitals.
Grand Canyon University MS in Psychology Grand Canyon University › The MS in Psychology program is offered for individuals that wish to continue their academic study in the field of Psychology. The program gives students the skills and knowledge necessary to rise up in their organization and tackle the complex problems faced in the industry. This program is exceptional at developing leadership qualities and critical analysis skills in its students.
Walden University MS in Coaching Psychology Walden University › A MS degree in Psychology - Leadership Development and Coaching teaches candidates the theory behind the development of leadership and develops the skills to manage complex issues that arise in organization leadership. This program will teach you to create your own unique model of leadership coaching helping you master human resource management and industrial-organization psychology.
Kaplan University MS in Psychology Kaplan University › A Master of Science degree in Psychology from Kaplan University does more than teach you about general psychiatric theory, it prepares you for rewarding careers that understand the processes that underlie individual human behavior. The program offers three areas of specialization which are general psychology, applied behavioral analysis, and addictions. The program blends applications of contemporary science with the rich tradition of psychology ensuring a great foundation for a rewarding career in this dynamic field.

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