Grants and Scholarships for Sports Psychology Degree Programs

Are you interested in a degree in sports psychology? You don’t have to break the bank to get an education in this field! By applying for some scholarships and grants for sports psychologists, you can go to school for little to know money out-of-pocket, so when you graduate you don’t have the mountains of debt so common among young adults.

Sports Psychology Grants

Grants are available for students who can show financial need. If you’re an undergrad sports psychology student, you can apply for the Pell Grant, a federal fund that provides money to in-need students regardless of degree program and can be easily obtained by simply filling out your FAFSA form ). In addition, most colleges offer grants to students who are good at what they do, but may not otherwise be able to afford school. Grants can also be available to fund specific research projects, which is most common for students at the master’s degree or doctorate level. Outside sources of sports psychology grants at all educational levels include the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and The Women’s Sports Foundation.

Sports Psychology Scholarships

Like grants, scholarships do not need to be repaid when you graduate, but rather than being given based on need, they are available to students who show skill, talent, or achievement in some respect. Many scholarships require you to write a winning essay, for example, or are give to students who have high GPAs. Are you a player yourself? If so, schools often offer sports scholarships which allow you to earn your degree in a chosen field (like sports psychology) for free in exchange for playing for your college’s team. Other scholarships you should consider come from outside organizations. Start your search with the Institute of Sports Management, Psi Chi, the American Psychological Association, and Cappex.

Other Forms of Financial Aid

If you’re interested in the field of spots psychology, grants and scholarships aren’t your only choices when it comes to financial aid. Do you already work in the sports psychology field? If so, your employer might offer tuition reimbursement programs to help you earn a graduate degree for free. Psychologists working for college sports teams and players can often take advantage of free graduate classes at their own school and at sister schools, and while not “free” in the same sense as scholarships and grants, students loans are also an option – you have to repay this money, but not until after you graduate in most cases.

Top Online Sport and General Psychology Degrees

Psy.D. in Sports Psychology › If you are looking for a program which can teach you the skills necessary to help athletes enhance their performance, then an MA in Sports and Performance Psychology may be a great program for you. This program offered at the University of the Rockies helps you develop strategies to become an effective coach in sports and a great leader in general performance settings. With this degree, you will be able to work as a trainer, physical therapist, coach, or athletic trainer. For those looking for a more advanced offering, University of the Rockies also confers a Doctor of Psychology degree in sports & performance psychology .
Walden University Walden University › A MS degree in Psychology - Leadership Development and Coaching teaches candidates the theory behind the development of leadership and develops the skills to manage complex issues that arise in organization leadership. This program will teach you to create your own unique model of leadership coaching helping you master human resource management and industrial-organization psychology.

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