Determining the most popular and most successful sports franchises isn’t always easy. There are, of course, always differing opinions about what it means to be the “best” at anything. But, when it comes to owning a sports franchise, we’re looking for winning franchises. Because, winning draws fans and fans mean money. So, here are twenty-five sports franchises it would be really cool to own.

  1. LA Lakers : The Lakers make the list simply because of the number of NBA Championships they’ve won. And, we know they’ll do it again.
  2. New York Yankees : They’ve been playing baseball for over a hundred years, and they have quite a track record. Even if you’re a Mets fan, you probably would like to own the Yankees.
  3. Real Madrid : The most successful football team in Champions League history, they’re worth owning for their brand recognition.
  4. FC Barcelona : This is probably the most popular soccer club in Europe. They’re worth owning for their sheer fan excitement.
  5. Manchester United : This is also a team worth owning for their brand awareness. They also happen to be the most successful soccer team in the world, from a financial standpoint. (Though Real Madrid is close)
  6. Detroit Redwings : They are recently the most successful of Canada’s hockey teams.
  7. Dallas Cowboys : The Cowboys are an American football icon – and they’d make you a heck of a lot of money, too. They may just be the most valuable professional sports franchise in the world.
  8. Boston Red Sox : Their record has been solid of late, but that’s not the best reason to own them. You want to own them because they are among the most profitable teams in all of pro sports. Did you know, that more than half the major league baseball garb sold bears either the Red Sox or the Yankees logo?
  9. : Ok, so their record is pretty bad, particularly in recent years. But, they still make a pile of money. Their fans are die hards.
  10. The Williams Sisters : So, they might not really be franchises, but these two women are the powerhouses of tennis today. It would be great to work with them and share in their profits and their winning record.
  11. Chicago Bulls : They’ve won six championships, and the franchise is worth over $500 million. It would be a nice little investment. Over the years, they’ve had some of the most talented and colorful players, too.
  12. Toronto Maple Leafs : They’ve appeared in the Stanley Cup 21 times. That’s enough reason for me.
  13. St. Louis Cardinals : They’ve been part of American baseball since 1882 and they’ve won 10 World Series. They’re part of baseball legend.
  14. San Francisco 49’ers : It’s said the 49er’s are worth about $900 million. They haven’t done that great in recent years, but they have an amazing fan base.
  15. Pittsburgh Steelers : They’ve had a pretty decent run in recent years, and, man, their fans are crazy! Oh yeah- and they’re worth about $100 million, too.
  16. Boston Celtics : They’re one of the earliest teams of the NBA, and they’ve won 17 championships.
  17. Montreal Canadiens : Another great Canadian hockey team, this one has been in the Stanley Cup 33 times. They are arguably the greatest team in NHL history.
  18. San Antonio Spurs : They’re one of the newer NBA teams, having come from the ABA originally. They’re worth about $400 million, and they’ve developed a big fan base in recent years.
  19. New England Patriots : They’ve been dominators on the football field in recent years.
  20. New York Giants : Though they don’t make the news like a lot of other football teams in the last couple of years, both they and their fan base is going strong. They are one of the most valuable teams in the NFL.
  21. The Arsenal : They made $369 million in revenue last year. They are one of the hottest soccer teams in the English Premier League.
  22. New York Jets : This team is valued at over $1 billion.
  23. Houston Texans : Their stadium naming deal with Reliant alone was worth over $300 million.
  24. Philadelphia Eagles : Season ticket renewal rate for this team’s holders is over 99%; one of the highest in the NFL.
  25. Chicago Bears : Their revenue is over $240 million and the team is worth over $1 billion.

Of course, everyone has personal reasons for why they might want to own one team over another reason. But, there are plenty of great reasons to own any of these 25!

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