One of the basics of sports psychology is being inspired. Additionally, it can help to understand how great athletes think and feel. This can provide insight into what you can do to improve your own performance. One way you can get access to the thoughts of athletes is by reading their blogs. You can learn more about what they are interested in, how they practice, and just their general attitudes on life. Even those who are amateur in sports can help you get a better handle on performance. If you are interested in learning more about the psychology of athletes , you can read these 50 interesting and inspiring blogs:


Learn more about basketball, challenges and more. A great look at what is happening in the world of this fast-paced game.

  1. : This young player shares his thoughts and insights. A great way to learn more about coping with the ups and downs of basketball.
  2. Cappie Pondexter : Updates, insights and inspiration from this bright player.
  3. Cash Beyond Borders : Slam hosts this blog from Swin Cash, with insights on competing in another country.
  4. Etan Thomas : This “gentle giant” blogs about politics at The Huffington Post. And he’s just published a book of poems. Get inspired to find a cause.
  5. Women’s Basketball Player Blogs: Different members of the women’s basketball team at Weber State University share their insights and experiences.
  6. Club Trillion : Mark Titus is known as a walk-on basketball player for Ohio State University. Interesting (and sometimes entertaining) insights.


Read the stories of football players, and find out what is happening in their lives. A peek inside the world of football.

  1. Kerry Rhodes : This young football player blogs about the game and life, including his charitable foundation.
  2. Darius Butler : Get into the head of this player for the Pats.
  3. : Read about determination, moving forward, and life.
  4. Drew Brees : This devoted Christian inspires many through his football play, and his foundation.
  5. Chad Ochocinco : If you want to be inspired by fashion and outrageousness, Ochocino’s Facebook postings are the way to go.

Baseball and Softball

Great insights into the worlds of baseball and softball. Stories that will keep you going, and that will give you something to think about.

  1. 38 Pitches : Few people are as inspiring as Curt Schilling, who played during the World Series with a bloody sock.
  2. Pat Neshek : This Twins player offers insight, and includes information on baseball.
  3. : Read the thoughts of baseball player CJ Nitkowski.
  4. Jennie’s Blog : This softball player works to inspire others to to dream and believe.
  5. We are IU Softball : Player perspectives from the ladies and coaches on the Indian University softball team.
  6. The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli : This upbeat Padres player has plenty to say about work and life.
  7. : Follow the adventures of two Indians working to become professional baseball players.


Golf is a game that requires a great deal of patience and practice. Feel inspired when you read the thoughts of these golfers.

  1. The Golf Chick : Join this golfer as she ruminates on golf and life.
  2. All About Natalie : You can enjoy some insights into the thoughts of this LPGA golfer.
  3. : Straight talk from this young golfer. Insights on feeling discouraged, as well as keeping up with training.
  4. Average Golfer : Share triumphs, news, insights and more related to golf with this avid golfer.
  5. Grouchy Golf Blog : If you have a love-hate relationship with golf, this blog can inspire you. And maybe make you laugh.
  6. : Be inspired by this rising golf star. Includes information on winning habits and attitude.


The world’s favorite sport offers plenty of opportunities to read about overcoming difficulties in triumph.

  1. Moritz Voltz : This soccer player offers well-written insights into the sport and training.
  2. Chasing the Dream : Nick Humphries blogs about his efforts to become a professional. Interesting and inspiring blog.
  3. Escribbler Football Sports Blog : Former professional soccer player Andy Hunt muses on soccer and life.

Running and Triathletes

Some of the most inspiring athletes are those that accomplish amazing feats of running and competing in triathlons.

  1. Diary of an amateur triathlete : This a great blog that offers inspiration and support for those who are interested in overcoming the struggles related to participating in triathlons.
  2. Murtha’s Triathlon Blog : Journey into the thoughts of this interesting triathlete. Shares triumphs and disappointments.
  3. : A great place to go to find encouragement and insight.
  4. : Find out more about triathlon training, and be inspired. Includes thoughts on giving back and priorities.
  5. Marathon Training : This blog is written by fellow runners who provide insight and inspiration.
  6. Trifuel : Inspiring posts on strategy, working out, and improving your performance.
  7. Runblogger : Inspiration for those who want to live an active life. Great for running encouragement.
  8. Running and Rambling : Great thoughts, insights and more on running and on life.


It takes endurance and determination to be a good climber. Read about it from these bloggers.

  1. A Climber’s Blog : Four contributors muse on life and climbing.
  2. RockClimberGirl : Fun and inspirational stories from women who rock climb.
  3. ClimbingNarc : A look at climbing, and overcoming the challenges it presents.
  4. : Great blog about rock climbing and more.
  5. The Chalk Blog : Learn a bit about climbing, and overcoming challenges.
  6. : Interesting stories from around the world as you follow this globe trotting climber.
  7. : A cool blog that shares the ups and downs of climbing.

Other Sports

Here are a few other athletes that offer interesting insight and inspiration.

  1. : This former investment banker looks to become a long track speed skater.
  2. Anne’s Tennishead Blog : Anne Keothavong blogs about her performance, and offers insights into tennis and better play.
  3. : Get inspired by athlete stories and more from this swimmer and coach.
  4. TEXAS SWIMMING : This swimmer and coach offers insights about swimming, life and kids playing sports.
  5. The Backcountry Skiing Blog : Inspiration for those who enjoy going off the beaten path.
  6. Skimaven : Follow the adventures of this skiing athlete and get insight on life as well.
  7. : This skateboarder offers thoughts on the past, on life and on the skateboard.
  8. Pat Griffin’s LGBT Sports Blog : A great blog addressing issues of LGBT athletes from someone who was involved.

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